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Egypt's Coptic Christians could find themselves on the short end of the stick should the Muslim Brotherhood exploit the political situation in a post-Mubarak Egypt.

By John Rossomando – The Daily Caller 12:55 PM 01/29/2011

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton warns Egypt’s ancient Coptic Christian minority could become increasingly endangered should the protests against Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak drive him from power.

The rioting against the Mubarak regime began on Jan. 25, in the wake of the Jan. 15 overthrow of Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, with the publicly stated goals of ousting Mubarak from power and protesting Egypt’s high unemployment and rampant corruption, among other issues.

The rioting claimed the ruling party headquarters Friday and pushed the Mubarak regime to shut down Internet and cell phone communications in an effort to clamp down on opponents, and the regime sent the army into the streets Saturday to confront demonstrators as Cairo fell into near anarchy.

Bolton points out Egypt’s outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, which promotes the Islamist ideology employed more violently by Hamas and other terror groups, stands to gain despite being a late comer to the revolt.

“One thing I want to say about all of these young people and all of these university students is what they’re learning in the universities is very similar to what the Muslim Brotherhood preaches,” Bolton said. “So we have to worry about the radicalism among the students is very, very high.”

Consequently, conservatives are mistaken thinking anti-Mubarak forces will replace the current regime with a Western-style democracy because Mubarak represents the lesser of two evils when compared with the opposition, according to Bolton.

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By John Rossomando – The Daily Caller 9:38 AM 01/22/2011

A column written by Mark Potok, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) Intelligence Project, has found its way into an unlikely place — “People’s World,” the official online newspaper of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA).

But Potok told The Daily Caller in an e-mailed statement he did not have a personal role in his column titled “Coming to Terms With The Confederacy” appearing in the CPUSA mouthpiece.

“We occasionally write op-eds for a nonprofit organization called OtherWords, which aims at ‘amplifying progressive analysis in the national conversation’ by placing the op-eds in various publications,” Potok wrote. “I have no idea how the articles are placed, nor were we consulted about the process. As you will have noticed, the op-eds are offered free, likely to anyone who cares to copy them.”

Potok declined to comment when asked whether “People’s World” should remove his commentary or whether he disapproved of the CPUSA newspaper’s decision to publish his piece.

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By John Rossomando – The Daily Caller 2:56 AM 01/21/2011

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s warning that refusing to increase the debt ceiling would plunge the nation into fiscal catastrophe is unfounded, at least according to some congressional Republicans.

In a Jan. 6 letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the Treasury secretary warned failing to increase the national debt ceiling would “precipitate a default by the United States” and potentially “lead to the loss of millions of American jobs.”

Geithner claimed not raising the limit would have a “catastrophic” economic impact that would last for decades, and it could lead to the immediate cessation of the payments for military salaries and social security benefits, among other consequences.

He warns this looming default could happen as soon as March if Congress does not act.

But some Republicans, such as freshman South Carolina Rep. Mick Mulvaney and freshman Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey, argue default would not necessarily occur if the GOP holds the line on increasing the debt ceiling.

Mulvaney calls Geithner’s rhetoric partisan and inaccurate because the federal government’s obligations will continue to be paid even if Congress votes against raising the debt ceiling.

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By John Rossomando – The Daily Caller 12:13 AM 01/14/2011

Jamie Radtke, the woman behind Virginia’s effort to pass the “Repeal Amendment,” will be among the Republicans looking to retire incumbent Democratic Sen. Jim Webb when he seeks re-election next year.

Radtke will likely face former Sen. George Allen, who lost to Webb in 2006 following his infamous “macaca” remark, and Corey Stewart, a local officeholder from Northern Virginia, in the GOP primary.

Allen is considered the odds-on favorite to win the nomination, but some such as University of Virginia political guru, Larry Sabato, believe Radtke could become a formidable candidate if she can raise enough money.

“Jamie Radtke has become well-known in Virginia political circles because of the Tea Party movement, which she has helped to lead,” Sabato told The Daily Caller. “She organized the large Tea Party gathering last fall that drew thousands to Richmond.”

Radtke told TheDC her status as an outsider to elective politics makes her a strong candidate compared with Allen, who has spent most of his life as an elected official.

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By John Rossomando
The Daily Caller

The proposal being introduced by New Mexico Democratic Sen. Tom Udall and Oregon Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley would end the use of secret holds to block debate in the Senate and would require senators to openly carry on their filibusters on the Senate floor. Other options being discussed in the Democratic caucus include holding a vote to allow a filibuster — instead of a vote to end one — and limiting its use.

“The political advantage of such a change is mixed at best and might even favor the Republicans in the short term,” said Bill Wichterman, who has worked as a top aide to former President George W. Bush and former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. “The question is whether this is good for the nation, and that is a decided no.”

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, expressed dismay over the Democrats’ zeal for changing the filibuster rule because Democrats could find themselves in the minority after the 2012 elections.

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The above sign greeted freshman members of Congress as they arrived for the first week of the 112th Congress.

By John Rossomando – The Daily Caller 2:40 AM 01/03/2011

Signs asking freshman members of Congress to keep their promises to cut spending are among the first things newly elected reps will see at Reagan National Airport as they make their way to Washington to start the 112th Congress.

The messages in the baggage-claim area and in other locations around the airport written in bold red type say things like: “Congratulations on your election victory. Now cut some spending.”; “Dear new member of Congress, we know you just got here, but have you cut some spending yet?”; and “Remember your campaign promise to cut spending? We do. Keep your promise.”

The signs are part of a group called Public Notice’s “Bankrupting America” campaign, which organization founder Gretchen Hamel, a former GOP Hill staffer, told The Daily Caller aims to educate Americans about the causes of the economic downturn and the threat posed by excessive spending.

“Never before has government spending been such a hot topic in an election year, and so many of these candidates campaigned on fiscally sound principles,” Hamels said. “We want them to know that just because they have now been elected that can’t abandon those things they campaigned on, and we are going to be watching and so is the American public.”

A Zogby poll following the release of the debt commission chairmen’s draft proposal in November found 72 percent of Republicans and 57 percent of independents favored cutting spending further than the proposal recommended, while only 23 percent of Democrats favored doing so.

“The Republicans are just as much responsible for our current situation as the Democrats are, and it’s not one-sided at all,” Hamels said. “Washington seems to not realize the recession has happened … and it can’t have this Kim Kardashian spending philosophy where they just spend and spend and spend.”

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The above letter describes the close links between the leadership of the American Communist Party and the ACLU in the early 1930s.

By John Rossomando – The Daily Caller 2:11 AM 01/04/2011

Noted author Paul Kengor has unearthed declassified letters and other documents in the Soviet Comintern archives linking early leaders of the ACLU with the Communist Party.

Kengor found a May 23, 1931 letter in the archives signed by ACLU founder Roger Baldwin, written on ACLU stationery, to then American Communist Party Chairman William Z. Foster asking him to help ACLU Chairman Harry Ward with his then-upcoming trip to Stalin’s Russia.

The letter suggests Ward intended to visit the Soviet Union to find “evidence from Soviet Russia” that would undermine the capitalist profit motive.

Baldwin wrote the letter at a time when Stalin was deporting 1.8 million Ukrainian peasants to Siberia under his policy of the forced collectivization of agriculture, which resulted in the deaths of up to 10 million Ukrainians in the two years that followed.

The Ukrainian government considers this to have been an act of genocide.

Foster was a key figure in the early years of the American communist movement who belonged to the ACLU’s National Committee in the 1920s, according to FBI documents. He later wrote a book titled “Toward Soviet America” in 1932 and also testified under oath before Congress that he opposed American democracy.

Another letter on ACLU letterhead Kengor found in the Soviet archives dated Sept. 2, 1932 asks the Communist Party of America for a schedule of Foster’s trips around the country and offers to help keep the police at bay. It also asks for the names and addresses of Communist Party representatives in the cities where Foster was speaking.

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