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By John Rossomando

South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint says politics in Washington become like professional football in recent years.

Democrats and Republicans are on opposite teams with opposite goals, and compromise has become as unthinkable as compromise between two football teams.

“This Sunday is the big Super Bowl, and there are two teams taking the field, and they’ve been preparing for this,” DeMint said. “And I can guarantee that the coaches are not out there telling them that they have to go out an cooperate and compromise with the other side.

“There is a reason for that, the other team has an opposite goal, and they’re there to beat you.”

DeMint says it is wishful thinking to believe that politics is any different today because an us versus them team mentality has arisen that has made compromise impossible.

“I wouldn’t have said that 10 years ago,” DeMint said. “One team believes in centralized economic and political power, collective planning and of concentration, here in Washington, and the other team, while it has been maybe erratic in supporting those principles we believe in, believes in a decentralized, individualistic approach to America.

“It’s very difficult to compromise with a team who doesn’t have that same goal – the goal of limited government, of individual liberty, and that’s really what we are dealing with here.”

The senator made his remarks during an appearance at The Heritage Foundation promoting his new book “Now or Never”.

DeMint argues that the expansion of government programs over the past few years has placed the nation into grave peril. Currently, the national debt exceeds our national economy, and $1 trillion are projected to be added to the U.S. economy each year over the next decade.

The European experience suggests this only has the net effect of undermining the economy in the long run.
“If you understand the worldwide credit markets, there really isn’t that much money in the world credit markets that we can borrow,” DeMint says. “The Federal Reserve has bought about half of our debt over the last few years, so we really don’t know what the market for our debt is.”

Having a cavalier attitude at this time of economic distress is irresponsible. DeMint warns the U.S. is losing the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation that made it strong, and is on its way to becoming a nation of dependents.

“At that point you lose your country,” DeMint says.